Friday, February 25, 2011

Spring Inspirations!

Photo by Edouard Plongeon
  Spring is approaching and, like a virus that comes around each year at this time, I've once again the longing to wear lighter, flow-y, floral printed things. So, to get you pumped about Spring and to hopefully get a bit of this girl-y, frill-y mess out of my system, I'll be posting a few of my favorite Spring-y inspirations and clothing items! I'll try to refrain from speaking too much about why I love these things and just let the photos speak for themselves...

This dress is stunning-- the colors!!
I'm loving 70s styles and it's only $11.50. O_O

                    Sheer Silk Organza Flower-- In love with this entire shop. 

Chiyobex Jewelery - hand-made with vintage beads. 
Reminds me of the jewelry I had when I was little, only just a little more sophisticated!

Floral half hat-- been wanting one ever since seeing this photo of Hannah Metz.  
Alas, I have not found one to compare with this peach-y beaut...

Bass Loves Rachel Antonoff Saddle Shoes and just saddle shoes in general.

Photo by Mariam Sitchinava
Short hair... I'm always wanting to cut my hair around Spring.  
I usually give in to this temptation.  We'll see how it goes this year.

These pants from Madewell's Spring '11 collection-- perfect! 

Swedish Hasbeen Clogs... someday you will be mine. :')

This blouse by Kelsey Genna! Loving white clothing--especially airy blouses with interesting collars.  
You should really just check out her entire collection... Begonia House- March 2011

Mink Pink Gypsy Rose Peach Blouse. Cannot resist the peach.

ASOS Pleated Midi Skirt... Loving long skirts and this one's pretty ideal.

Sailor Dresses!  Not sure why, but for the last couple of Spring's I've found myself wanting a sailor dress and I've yet to find one I like well enough.  I'm very picky about them, but this one is just right. Unfortunately, it has sold. Sold by Kitten Paws Vintage, but I'm still posting it for inspiration (they're also a fantastic vintage shop)!



    quality post. i still need the shoes. both of them!


  2. arrrg... i got all excited thinking someone had commented on this post, but nooo it's just you! U_U

    everything, everything is WONDERFUL.
    I want it all!
    and I'm broke
    super duper broke
    ohwell I can dream!!!

  4. lovely, lovely blog..... :)