Monday, February 14, 2011


I cannot begin to fully express my love for this movie. Ever since seeing it in the theatre, a few years ago, (which was entirely vacant, apart from Amanda and I) it's been my all-time favorite. I don't care if you might find it childish or think lesser of my judgement! It is a must-see, for me, with every season.

Firstly, the set design is beautiful. Every bit is charming and pleasantly whimsical. I adore her room and my alter-ego equally adores the city-apartment of James McAvoy's character. Each scene is catered to my taste. And Penelope's wardrobe is so quirky and adorable, but in a totally acceptable way. I want it!

The characters are admirable and sweet. (You can't complain about the cast, either.) And the storyline leaves you feeling up-lifted, rather than the darker moods I often gravitate to.
(Not to mention the addition of Sigur R√≥s's Hopp√≠polla, at the finish.)

What has to be at least a dozen watches later, I still can't imagine ever tiring of it.
And that's really saying something, coming from someone who can hardly sit through anything.

I want to live in this movie. I want this to be my life.
Please give it a watch, if you haven't already! I quite clearly regard it in the highest.


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  1. Kate!! I LOVE THIS MOVIE TOO!!!!!!!!!!
    i told my friends and they thought i was weird!!
    This, and Fantastic Mr. Fox, are my favorite movies. I'm so glad to hear you feel the same way! :)