Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Lyell Fall '09 Collection!!! *swoon*

   Although old news, I'm still very much in love with this Fall '09 collection from Lyell.  Actually, I'm probably even more inspired by it now than I was when it first came out.  I think that, especially in the Spring time, I gravitate towards more girl-y things (e.g. florals, pastels, tea party-esque dresses), but I feel as though i am slowly growing out of this phase and am wanting to wear simpler, more menswear inspired outfits.  That being said, I think this collection perfectly molds the menswear/feminine aspects that I love most into one mind-blowingly perfect bunch of clothing!  I also think these kinds of outfits would be ideal to wear this time of year, during this weird transition from winter to spring, when the weather is bi-polar and you never know if it will be snowing or 60 degrees out.  

I especially love the scalloped edges that are carried throughout many of the pieces in this collection-- everything just seems to go together so seamlessly!  I am also loving anything silk, velvet, or wool right now and this has it all. Not to mention, I am a sucker for a good Peter Pan collar. 

  Sadly, Lyell is no longer making new clothing, but you can still snatch up a few of their pieces here and there. I'm ordering a pair of wool shorts of theirs (on sale at Urban Outfitters) and will, no doubt, be putting together an outfit with them shortly after arrival! blablabla just take a look at these beauts!!

 -Amanda (+Kate agrees)

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