Saturday, November 12, 2011

Autum/Winter Accessories Wishlist

I am someone who likes to add a lot of my outfit's personality with accessories. Little quirky things that I am happy to look down at. I thought I'd put together a small post of a few neat things I've come across, recently.

Locket,Photo Locket,Red Fox Locket, photo, Image,Round, Brass,Locket,Necklace,pendant Image 4 of River Island Skeleton Necklace
Sleeping Fox Locket from emmagemshop on Etsy   River Island Skeleton Necklace from asos

    Fox socks from Gap                                                     Star Hair Pins from daintydaisies on Etsy

       Bird Skull Ring from asos                            Vintage Purse Necklace on Etsy

          Pendelton bag via Urban Outfitters                     British Racing Green Butter London Nail Polish

I was so close to buying the socks, a couple nights ago, but I didn't know whether or not I could afford the excess splurge. And the little purse necklace is identical to one I fell in love with, in August, only the same deal. Just dreaming and hoping there will still be time for them! ;)

Amanda and I are working on getting a few really great cool-weather items into the shop, so look out for those!

Have a great weekend.


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