Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Little Treasure part 1

Yes, I am Nineteen. Yes, I am too whimsical for this planet.
But you have to love this.

There's a little shop in Wabash, Indiana called Reading Room. It is filled floor-to-ceiling, wall-to-wall, room-to-room, with old books. So many hidden treasures! Every time I visit, I am totally overwhelmed, yet it is one of my favorite places I've ever been into. And every once in a while you find something unbelievable.

The owner, Tom, is an older sweater-laden, grey-haired/moustached, self-titled "snob," when it comes to books. He knows where everything is in the mess. Like a spidey-sense, only with beautiful, dusty, old books!
We always hold conversations over Antoine De-Saint Exupery (who is one of his idols/the author of my favorite book.) No matter how many months it has been, he always remembers me for buying out all his copies of "Le Petit Prince" [The Little Prince] and he'll whip out whatever he's found, in the time since, on Iceland. Love.

Anyway, here are some pages from one of my favorite possessions. Found on, I believe, my first visit to this treasure chest of a shop.

In case you cannot see, this is a 1916 edition. Warm fuzzies in your chest?

The illustrations are apparently quite rare and obviously very beautiful.
I wish I could absorb this book into my worldly vision.

Not only illustrations, but music!

Such a wondrous story, I've always loved. This is the best interpretation I've ever come across and I hope to keep it forever. We may have no say in whether or not we grow old, but I'm taking the choice opportunity to not grow up to the end of it's reign. (...I will never grow up!)



  1. What a beautiful post and a beautiful place, that sounds like one of those places where you just feel so full, but full of nostalgia, magic and intrigue, I need to mossy my way there someday!

  2. This post is amazing! Very nice add at the end "(...I will never grow up!) I can totally picture you saying this. Great blog Kate