Friday, March 2, 2012

The First of March

Another day off. Aka: another day desperate to find something to do.
So, after dropping my dad off for his bike ride yesterday, Amanda and I hung out at a park we'd never hung out at.
The weather was beautiful (which  most of you southerners know, because it's all anyone talks about) so we wandered around, jumping off of things, for photos.

Yeah, that's right. Digital photos.
I finally bought myself the Canon t2i and a little 50mm f/1.8 lens on Valentines day. Had a mini anxiety attack, but I think it will be worth it. If nothing else, we get to "enjoy" the sets of ridiculous photos I take on days like this. Unfortunately my computer is too far gone to process the videos (and basic functions.)

Cameo Brooch: Vintage
Dress: TJ Maxx, of all places. (c/o Dad's girlfriend. Christmas 2011)
Shoes: Rachel Antonoff for Bass (second-hand gift)

Dress: Vintage (c/o Rhiannon)
Boots: Vintage Etienne Aigner (goodwill!)


Anyway, I've been meaning to show off this dress for a while. It's pretty perfect. Rhiannon let me wear it during the Silent Sundays studio shots and I fell in love. It never got listed, so I asked about it last month, and it ended up at my door. I have worn it about two times a week, so far. Hopefully some better shots to come later.


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