Saturday, February 11, 2012


Oh, just another collection I'll have to admire from afar! However, admire I shall. (or should I say adore? No. That is not funny, Kate.)

Anyway, look at these great photographs! My little artsy photographer-esque side can appreciate this part without ever spending my lost/found parking-lot pennies.

 So gorgeous! We well know; light and shadows are such muses to me.

I think the dress on the right is my favorite. Would love to add it to my dress-cycle. (Currently at a two-count.)

tba ss12
This reminds me that I am officially* ready for spring, after hiking in the dang-freezing wind, this morning. *note last post.
My favorite details of fashion collections are the lookbooks. Definitely what attracts me. I appreciate the artistic side to styling and how your wardrobe fits into the world's image and your own personal style. I'd really like more to do with it, photography-wise.

May the winter-blues stay far from you,


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