Thursday, February 9, 2012

End of Winter Dream Post

I'm glad you guys have probably figured out by now that I don't actually keep up with anything. No pressure. I just kind of post about what I like, when I come across it and feel the need to do so. Keep it chill.
Speaking of, I'm patiently awaiting the spring time. And by patiently, I really do mean it. I'm quite okay with cozy layers, sleeves, and black tights. Regardless of the seasons, the temperatures here have been obscenely high all winter.
But I've decided to blog about this sort of in-between time in fashion, like a good "blogger" would do.

Here are a few items I'd love to romp around in, through the end of winter--and into the following warm months, of course.

Winter sky locket
Winter Sky Locket via Conjuration on etsy

Arguably the most fantastic piece of jewelry I've ever laid eyes on. I'm actually slightly obsessed, if you can be only slightly obsessed with something. I might be a star hoarder.

American Star Camera Strap suit for DSLR / SLR with Quick Release

Keeping with the theme/obsession as well as hinting at an exciting soon-to-be-purchase I've been planning with my short-term savings goals, this year. ;) 

Swedish Hasbeens® Clog Sandals

Have I gotten over Swedish Hasbeens yet? No. 
That will probably never happen.

The Dustbowl Oxford
Also, these oxfords from Madewell are beautiful. Madewell is beautiful. 

And then of course  there's always a special place for Secret Squirrel. And these pieces in their new collection are as charming as ever.

I'm sure there's lots more, but I'm awaiting that time where a season hits you really hard and you realize all the items you don't have that you could really use. Maybe then I'll be a good blogger or something.

Until later, dear followers! Enjoy the last bits of your winter. (If it is winter where you are.)

<3 Kate

ps. It's about time for an outfit post. Or two. Or...
We'll see.

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