Thursday, September 1, 2011

Steven Alan Fall Lookbook

Do you hear that muffled whine? That is the sound of me weeping, as I give up on all things related to style and step out in t-shirts I've ruined with scissors, for the rest of my life. A little less literal, but you get the point. Here, my friends, is the beauty that is Steven Alan for the Autumn season. (The best season, obviously.)

The above photos feature a few of my favorite outfits in the current lookbook. Not to mention the perfect single items not shown here (shoes and button-downs *drool*). If I could promise my entire life's wardrobe devotion to one place, I would probably choose Steven Alan. At least in this temporary moment of weakness. Too bad their items are about 10x more than I may be able to afford. Oh, how trivial the budget!

At least I can still dream out loud via text via blogging via the internet.

Please forgive my melodrama.

<3 Kate

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