Sunday, September 4, 2011

Favorite Places in Nashville for Vintage

A list of some of my favorite places to shop vintage, all located in Nashville, Tennessee. Enjoy!

Located in East Nashville,  I have to say, overall it's my favorite shop that sells primarily vintage clothing.  The selection is pretty big and the prices are reasonable (e.g. dresses $20-$35, tops $10-$20), especially compared to many of the other vintage clothing shops in Nashville.  The first time I visited Hip Zipper, I didn't like it at all-- I couldn't find a single thing I wanted to buy.  I thought I'd never return after that experience, but lo and behold I did, and every time since the first visit, I've walked out with something!

After hearing so many good things about Local Honey, I walked into their shop for the first time a couple of weeks ago.  They have a good selection of vintage, as well as a few items from local designers.  The prices were decent (e.g. dresses were about $40+), but nothing to write home about.  I found a few things I would have liked to own, but alas, my pockets were empty and I couldn't really justify spending $40+ on a dress at that moment.  They did have some beautiful accessories, including some pretty floral crowns made by Lauren!

Every time I walk into Savant, I am overcome with a feeling of awe at the beautiful collection of vintage the shop owner has for sale!  Some of the most gorgeous vintage clothing these eyes have seen have been hanging on the racks of this shop.  The prices are very expensive, the reason I have yet to buy anything from Savant, but perhaps I'll buy my wedding dress here or something?  

Probably one of the best kept secrets... the Gas Lamp Antique Mall is located behind a Staples, making it hardly visible from the main road.  It is HUGE and from the outside I never could have guessed just how large it is.  There are hundreds of booths brimming with fantastic antiques, but you'll have to walk through the many hallways (they have 'street' names to help you out) of this treasure trove to find the booths selling vintage clothing-- and there are quite a few.  One of my favorite spots!

I have to admit, initially I was a bit put off by the outward appearance of the Downtown Antique Mall, but as soon as I stepped inside, i was pleasantly surprised!  It's a very nostalgic and somehow calming place to be.   Plus, it's never crowded.  I found one of my favorite vintage dresses here-- in fact, it was the first vintage dress I ever purchased (a peach 40s dress, with beautiful beading and silk leaves-- i was also told the story of where it came from by the lady who sold it to me).

If you want a really good deal on a large selection of vintage, the Nashville Flea Market is your ticket!  That is, if you don't mind A LOT of walking and have a tremendous amount of patience (the fair grounds are ginormous).  There is a lot of vintage, but there is a lot more of everything else, not to mention-- a lot of junk. The flea market is held on the fourth weekend of each month.  

This shop is the cutest!  Newly opened in a project being called the 'idea hatchery' in East Nashville.  Basically, the idea hatchery is a collection of teeny tiny shops (seriously, the first photo shows the entire shop) that gives artists an affordable space to create/sell their ideas in a happenin' spot in town-- brilliant!  Goodbye Girls is run by a pretty pair of young ladies and is the most affordable vintage shop I've yet to come across (many things at the prices you might find at Goodwill).  They also have a small rack in the middle of the shop with new clothing, also very well priced.  Naturally, they don't have the biggest selection of clothing, but what there is, is definitely worth checking out.

Retro, psychedelic, bright, kitschy, fun, adorable, colorful... words you might use to describe this highly enjoyable shop!  Good times with good friends, enjoying all this shop has to offer... 

Making  memories to last a lifetime.... priceless. :')


  1. Love your face in the last picture. There's nowhere to shop for vintage clothing here in Abu Dhabi so it's interesting (and enviable!) to see all these beautiful places.

  2. clenalyn, that's why we shop for you! :)
    precisely why we opened our etsy shop.

  3. I just went vintage shopping in Nashville and can't wait to return! Come visit my blog:

  4. Yay-- glad to have informed you of some more great shops in Nashville! Ah, I just visited your blog and see you hit up a few prime vintage shops (and you have as much fun trying on silly hats as I do)! :')