Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Secret Squirrel's 'Botanica'

  Secret Squirrel's Spring/Summer collection 'Botanica' is my favorite of theirs yet!  Inspired by plants-- they used silk to mimic the petals of flowers and drew inspiration from flower pressings-- how lovely.  I honestly love everything to pieces and had the hardest time choosing which outfit photos to post... so, I chose just about all of them (you may become overwhelmed by the bountifulness of beauty) .  Anyhoo, a while back Rhiannon had a contest in which someone could win a $300 voucher to Secret Squirrel's shop and I somehow won. O_O    Eventually I'll need to choose one or two things that are best for me, but in the meantime I'll just fantasize about owning this entire collection!

~ Amanda

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