Monday, July 4, 2011


Amanda and I spent some time with our cousin, Shelby, this past week. Obviously we used her as a model. She's really great at it and it's always wonderful to have a different face. (I'm sure you're all sick of ours. Or mine, at least! ha. ha. Don't respond.) 

She's also quite the trooper. She doesn't oppose to getting wet, dirty, and bitten up for the shot. Which is something we appreciate way more than we should be willing to... (Thanks Sheby!)

We got to shoot on a boat her dad (our uncle) restored from the 1940's! We were obsessed with it. We even had a picnic inside.

Anyway, we tried to style her to fit. These are some of my shots.

To see more from this day/shoot check out mine and Amanda's photostreams on flickr!

Happy 4th to you!


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