Wednesday, January 26, 2011


A photo of us being twins, in our matching, stylin' outfits. Kate (left), Amanda (right).

  Hello!  So, we're both new in the community and thought we would introduce ourselves and explain how we found ourselves here.

  Our names are Kate and Amanda.  We're twins and are 18 years old, living in middle Tennessee.  We're both very much into photography, which comes in handy, seeing as you need an eye for beauty in this, but we also know the ropes for taking photographs in our hobby of collecting vintage clothing and selling them.  We are both owner's of a shop called A World In Reverse, on Etsy, where we sell vintage clothing and vintage-inspired hair pieces; hand-made by ourselves.  This was our inspiration to start this blog in the first place--to share the vintage pieces and hand-made hair accessories with all of you, as well as post some of our current style inspirations and daily outfits of our own.

Taken by Kate 

  As for myself, I know I started to fall in love with vintage style when first discovering the charm of old movies, at about the age of 13.  It all started when my dad took me and my siblings to an outdoor movie in a small country town.  People would gather every summer, on the weekends, and watch these old classic's shown at the pavilion there.  There was something very quaint and magical about it to me and I begged to go every weekend.  I didn't necessarily get into the clothing aspect of the movies, just the feeling of nostalgia when viewing something long passed.  I've always been fascinated by history and started frequenting antique shops around that time.  I became interested in  photography and started noticing the fashion aspect of it--what people were wearing in photos--and how that provoked a certain mood.  I also started following fashion blogs, my first inspiration being Rhiannon's blog- Liebemarlene, still one of my favorites.  Many of the friends I've made through posting my photography on Flickr are also very much into fashion and are a constant inspiration.  So, I was influenced by all of this! It all just sort of went hand-in-hand for me.  Anyway, here I am today, now adding vintage pieces to my own wardrobe, as well as scouting out some beauts for others to add to theirs!

My passion for vintage style has clearly impacted my graphic design work as well, which you can find here.

Taken by Amanda

(For the most part)

Our photography:


  1. I think Im going to love your blog.. your photos are great and we share the love for vintage..

  2. i really liked your "about me", kate. :)
    droooling over you guys's handmade items!!!!

  3. omg alice!! i took all that time to make MINE and you like KATE'S?!?! D: D: D:

    (i still love you)