Saturday, October 1, 2011

Back Then

A follow-up of Kate's post on Wabash.

Back Then- Music Video from Shelbie Dimond on Vimeo.

In the summer of last year, Kate and I were in Wabash, when we met up with  Shelbie Dimond; a brilliant photographer and dear friend.  She surprised us, not long before arriving, by asking us if we'd like to be in a music video she was making for a friend of hers.
We said yes, without really knowing what we would be doing for this video... turns out none of us really had a clear idea of what it would become, but naturally we found ourselves dancing!  Hey, it was a prime opportunity to show off that Napoleon Dynamite move I had always wanted to flaunt. (Eh, I did it wrong and it ended up looking kinda pretty [probably why it wasn't tossed]) And ON TOP OF A WATERFALL! Don't get many chances like that!
It was a lovely day and I feel like this song is the perfect song to go along with these memories.  This song is '"Back Then," by Drew Knight. Enjoy! :D

Might as well turn this into an outfit post...
First outfit shown:  Ivory Bird Dress- Urban Outfitters
Brown Patent Jelly Shoes- Urban Outfitters
Second outfit shown: Dusty Rose 40s Dress- vintage
Black Tights- Target
70s Clogs- vintage

First outfit shown: Ballerina Dress w/ Grey Top & Floral Skirt- Urban Renewal
Bow Tie Necklace- Urban Outfitters
Pixie Boots- vintage
Second outfit shown: Nude Lace Top- Urban Outfitters
Navy Polka Dot Skirt- Urban Outfitters


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