Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sunday Treasures

Today was nice! My dad's endlessly-kind girlfriend took Amanda and I to lunch at our favorite vegetarian restaurant--where we split a grilled tempeh, avocado, "veganaise" (and sprouts? I forgot) sandwich--with a side of hummus. It was perfect. She also bought me an iced almond-flavoured rice milk latte, at the coffee shop next door. (She gives us too much!)

Following this lovely meal, Amanda and I went to a little thrift store in East Nashville called "The Hip Zipper," which we'd been to once before, with no luck. I don't know why, because we really enjoyed it today. It's just what I would have pictured when hearing "thrift store," before ever having visited one. (Running on visions of movie sets and vintage-themed imagination...)

Anyway, we each found something wonderful for the shop and will list those items soon!

I also found this leather bag and couldn't walk away without it... I was attached at first site. I love that it  combines my preferred darker style with the bit of floral that I also frequent. It has three full compartments, two zipper-pockets, and two more open pockets. (Things could actually get lost in there!) But the details are what make it such a beautiful find. It also came with a slightly-yellowed tissue and a hard candy that appeared to be older than myself. Bonuses! Huzzah!

Later Amanda and I walked through the park, to another park, where they have Steeple Chase. We spent a good two and a half hours outside, walking, lying in the grass and having a "snack picnic."

Even though I am uncomfortable being the victim in front of the camera, Amanda got a few photos of me in the dress I bought with a gift certificate I won from a drawing, a favorite blogger, Rhiannon (Liebemarlene) did! It's something I wouldn't normally get for myself and it has a really full circle skirt that is fun to wear. (I won't go into detail...)

Nonchalantly examining my finger nails.

...Not even posing.

Dress: Ruche
Shoes: Thrifted
Cheap sunglasses: Urban Outfitters
Bag: Thrifted
(Though I'd worn a better-matched, small black velvet night bag, before this purchase.)

Blouse: forever 21
Shorts: Fletcher by Lyell (via UO sale)
Shoes: Thrifted


Disclaimer:  I wore more practical shoes to walk in, during this bit of the day. These images are just a  fallacy. I am not a real fashion blogger.

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  1. It looks so cute on you!! I'm so glad you won. :)

    Amanda's outfit is adorable too!

    I went to the Hip Zipper once and didn't have any luck either, but I think I just went at the wrong time. The prices there are so good and they have so much stuff . . . maybe I just got overwhelmed.