Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Nadinoo Muse- Becky Filip

We were so delighted to see that Nadinoo chose Becky Filip as one of their muses-- can't say we were all that surprised though, seeing as we've both been long time fans of her lovely, vintage-inspired style!  We were equally excited that her brother Simon shot the photos for this feature-- who's magical photography has been an inspiration ever since our discovery of it just over a year ago.  And Nadinoo!  I discovered their clothing last Spring and have been in love ever since.  I am thrilled for their Spring/Summer '11 collection to be revealed!  

Though I would certainly be happy getting any of these pieces that were given to Becky, I am particularly fond of the sixties-esque  dress, pictured above!  I just love peter pan collars, which coincidentally, I have none of, and am finding out more and more each day of my love for the 60s.  The other dress must also be mentioned for it's perfect 50s shape... also one of my weaknesses, with it's cuffed sleeves, full skirt, and waist tie.  Oh, I might as well say something about the cape now!  Though I have never owned a cape in my life and for some reason, am a bit intimidated by them, this one is quite lovely.  Actually, it may just be the prettiest cape I've yet to see... (It's Kate's favorite piece.)

To read Becky's interview on the Nadinoo blog, click here.

We cannot forget to mention The Honey Trees,  Becky Filip & Jacob Wick-- a beauteous musical duo and the reason for our knowing of Becky Filip in the first place.  We discovered their music a few years ago and were instantly captured by Becky's sweet voice.  Please watch this video of theirs (created by Simon) and check out their music!  I highly doubt you could regret it! :D


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